Concrete Repair Spur


Concrete Repair spurs are used for repairing fences. They are ideal for a repair to a broken/snapped timber post without having to dig the old post out.

Predrilled for fixing to existing post.

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Material: Concrete.

Colour: Grey.



Concrete repair spurs.

What does a concrete fence repair spur do?

A concrete fence repair spur sits upright against the original fence post like a splint on a broken leg. It takes the pressure of a single fence post, absorbing some of its weight so that it doesn’t snap underneath the strain, holding up your fencing so you don’t have to keep fixing it.

It’s ideal for fixing a post where the base has rotted but also serves well to prevent future movement of fence posts. Fence posts that sit under the earth and are not adequately protected from moisture will eventually rot and the healthy post above will break away, causing your fence to fall.

Features and benefits of a concrete repair spur.

  • Long lasting and cost effective way to repair posts.
  • Rot, rust and damp resistant.
  • Short enough to be hidden by strategic planting if required.
  • Easy to install.
  • Suitable for fences that are high or situated in a windy area.

How to use a repair spur.

To install a concrete fence repair spur, dig down next to the leaning or damaged post, clear away and concrete or gravel that may be in the way. Then bolt the spur to the post, prop to make secure, and infill the hole with postcrete.

Fencing help & advice.

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