Slotted Intermediate Post


We stock two types of concrete fence posts one being dry cast posts and wet cast posts, what is the difference ?

Dry cast : a product we buy in from a main uk manufacturer . It is a semi dry concrete mix pressed into a mould, giving the posts a darker grey finish and a slightly textured finish compared to the wet cast . they are slightly lighter with a profile of 100mm w x 90mm t

Wet cast : Is manufactured in house by ourselves with a wet concrete mix giving the posts a lighter grey finish and a smooth face finish due to how they are casted . 100mm w x 100mm t



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5ft (1.5m), 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.1m), 8ft (2.4m), 8.6ft ( 2.6m), 9ft (2.74m), 10ft (3m), 10ft (3m) 5" heavy duty

Delivery is quoted on individual orders  please email us or phone to get a quote today .
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