Pressure Treated Lap Panels


Lap panel fencing is the most common form of fencing in the UK, but economy doesn’t mean a reduction in quality. Our Superlap panels are one of the most robust on the market, and Lap panels remain the industry standard on new housing developments. It is the most popular traditional flat top fence panel and can be used in any location, offering complete privacy screening. The nature of its construction makes this panel excellent value for money. Adding a trellis on top adds a decorative touch too.

4 & 5 Bar lap panel.


  • 6 FT = £35
  • 5.6 FT = £35
  • 5 FT = £34
  • 4 FT = £32.50
  • 3 FT = £30


What are Lap Panels?

Lap panels are fencing panels that are made with a wooden framework. The slats are slotted into the frame horizontally with a slight overlap. This creates a solid boundary fence without gaps or holes. It comes in various sizes and is perfect when you want a solid fence that is great value.

The Pressure Treated Lap Panel is one of the most versatile fence panels available. Because it is so popular, it comes in more standard sizes than most and can be used anywhere. The pressure-treated lap panel will work well whether you want a low front garden fence or a tall back garden fence. For the cheapest fence, use it as it is with matching timber posts and gravel boards. If you want a great value fence but want it to have more style, the lap panel is the perfect fence panel for mixing and matching with concrete posts and gravel boards. The grey of concrete posts always contrasts nicely with wood tones, but for high contrast and longer-lasting posts, consider Durapost.

Add trellis tops for a decorative feature. The trellis top shown is the Madely Diamond Trellis Panel.

Feather edge fence panel with trellis top


Additional information


3ft x 6ft x 45mm, 4ft x 6ft x 45mm, 5ft x 6ft x 45mm, 5.6ft x 6ft x 45mm, 6ft x 6ft x 45mm


Pressure Treated, Dipped Treatment

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