Mortice Repair Arris Rail Bracket


Mortice Repair Arris Rail Bracket.

Size: Approx “60mm x 60mm  x 200mm.

Colour: Silver.

Material: Galvanised Steel.



An arris rail bracket mortice is used to secure arris rails to fence posts. This type of bracket is usually used for repair. To build a new arris rail fence, you may prefer to use the arris rail fence bracket.

What does a mortice repair arris rail bracket do?

The mortice repair arris rail bracket allows you to slide the tenon section of the bracket into the mortice in either a concrete or timber post. You then secure the arris rail to the bracket whilst leaving the post undisturbed in position in the ground.

Features and benefits of a concrete repair spur.

  • Long lasting and cost effective way to repair arris rail fences.
  • Rot, rust and damp resistant.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can also be used for repairing feather edged fencing.

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